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  3. Hey All!

    Just wanted to get started on my blog report. We are on week 5 of the session and a couple more weeks to go. It has been pretty fast paced and from what I have already heard, the 7th week is usually a doozy. Learning about the whole legislative process has been an amazing experience and my two representatives (Representative Janice Fisher of District 29 and Representative Hemingway of District 40) are so awesome!

    Some of duties and responsibilities include researching various bills, tracking bills, keeping your legislator on schedule for standing committee or appropriations meetings, as well as organizing emails and because 2012 is an election year, we also keep track of any surveys that are sent out to the constituents our representative's districts.

    Because I am a democratic intern, I have also had the privilege of attending the Democratic Caucus meetings in which bills are discussed and different business and bill items that the democratic legislators are urged to watch out for. We have had some pretty cool visits from key political figures in Utah too. Last week Jon Huntsman Sr. graced us with his presence and addressed the caucus with a very inspiring message about public service, civic engagement and compassion for the communities/people he serves. Today Congressman Jim Matheson stopped by and visited with the caucus, answering questions about what great things to look forward to in regards to federal government issues.

    There are certain rules we must abide by and things we can and cannot talk about as interns so I apologize if my posts seem a little general and vague. I will be sure to update as often as I can and also try to blog a little more about progression of the 2012 legislative process.

    For now, here a link to some basic information on "How a Bill Becomes Law" and "How to Research". I will upload some photos that I have taken up until this point.

    Signing off for now!

    Lavinia ~

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