Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Awesome Interns


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  2. Great picture of some "awesome" U of U interns. This was taken the night of the State of the State after Gov. Herbert's address.

    Here's a funny story about that night. Unbeknownst to me interns and the media (except 1 photographer with exclusive rights) are not allowed on the House Floor during the event. Interns, media and the public are seated in the gallery above the floor. However, the Senate President's wife, Anna Kay, instructed me to take pictures with her nice slr camera. While I was taking pictures I noticed the photographer continually glaring at me. I though nothing of it as I moved to the other side for more pictures. Then a staffer approached me asking how the media (me) got down there. I replied quickly that I wasn't media I was just an intern. She got even madder and said that interns are not allowed on the floor, then demanded to know who my legislator was... I swear she turned green and began flexing those HULK muscles at me... I defended myself by replying that I was with Senate President Waddoups, then she actually smiled and said I could sit next to her in the comfy chairs.

    Of course the awesome interns had jokes for me after that run in. But I am glad my powerful boss got me out of that one, and I doubt that will be the last time I may mention him to keep me out of trouble, lol. True story.